Gaspésie is vast, it’s grand and it’s just breathtaking! There are hundreds of kilometers to cover on its trails and, since 1992, Lelièvre Mécanique Sport has been allowing you to discover them with our wide range of off-road vehicles.

It all started with Polaris, a leading company of which we’re still the proud leader today. Whether you’re riding for fun or for work, our selection of Polaris ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, snowmobiles, and mechanical equipment is designed for your next adventure.

During our 30-odd years in business, we’ve been able to respond to a demand that’s always in flux. Because there’s a lot to do around here, but not only on our trails! This is why we’ve added tractors, trailers, blowers, and lawn tractors, to name a few, to our range of new and used products.

We are THE sport mechanics retailer in East-Gaspésie:

  • Are you traveling through the Gaspé Peninsula? We offer a wide range of choices among our Polaris ATVs, side-by-side vehicles and snowmobiles.
  • Do you have big projects to complete? With our vast options of LS Tractors, you’ll be fully equipped!
  • Got a heavy load to carry? Our Ideal Cargo, N&N, and Alcom trailers will make your life easier.
  • Need to mow, spread, transport, or pull? You can accomplish great things with our TORO, Normand, Agri Metal, Metal Pless, COTECH, and MTI tractors and equipment.
  • Do you dream of one day having the “Van Life” lifestyle? Our Catalina and Chaparral RVs will make that dream into reality.
  • Not out of the woods just yet? Scierie Mobile Gilbert products will allow you to manage your trees yourself and transform them to maximize their use.
  • Do you need mechanical equipment? We have the Polaris and Lifan products for you!

Our experts are eager to advise you, our mechanics are here to optimize the lifespan of your equipment, and our customer service department takes your satisfaction to heart. We’re here all year long to make sure you enjoy every moment spent in nature, and to allow you to operate your business safely and efficiently.

Come see us!